What Else You Can Do

In addition to taking the pledge and funding sufficient carbon offsets to become NetZero, consider these other steps you can take in the battle against climate change.

Spread the word

Other individuals are most likely to become NetZero themselves if they hear about this effort from people they know.  So please use whatever communication mechanism works best for you — e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, and yes, even old-fashioned conversations — to encourage your friends and family to take the NetZero pledge. 

With your help, this movement can grow rapidly.  Millions of concerned individuals are looking for ways to do their part in the battle against climate change.  Like you, these individuals will feel a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment by taking the NetZero pledge.

Here is a sample message you can copy and paste, or modify as you wish: 

Please take a look at this great new effort to battle climate change that I just joined.  It’s called the NetZero Pledge, and it enables individuals to eliminate their carbon footprint entirely by changing their behavior and funding carbon offsets.

By going NetZero, you will no longer be contributing to global warming. You will become a more credible advocate for steps by businesses and governments to achieve carbon neutrality as soon as possible.

Every bit of reduction in carbon emissions today diminishes the likelihood of the most severe climate change scenarios developing down the road. Learn more: https://www.netzeropledge.org

Reduce your carbon footprint directly

Switch to renewable energy at home if you can.  Use public transportation as much as possible.  Make your next car a green one.  Consider changes to your diet, so you consume food whose production produces less greenhouse gases.

Filling out the carbon calculator will show you which of your consumption habits produce the most carbon emissions and provide tailored recommendations for changes.

The organization Rare has published a comprehensive assessment of how individuals can change their behavior to reduce their carbon emissions. 

The report found that funding carbon offsets would be the most impactful of these behavioral changes, by a significant margin, followed by buying an electric vehicle and using green energy.  It further emphasized the importance of reducing food waste, eating a plant-rich diet, and cutting back on your air travel. See Changing Behaviors to Reduce Emissions:  Seven Pathways to Achieve Climate Impact.

Sign up to be a NetZero activist

If you are interested in tips on how to encourage others to take the NetZero Pledge or in engaging in eventual NetZero efforts that will encourage businesses and governments to become carbon-neutral, please sign up here.

Take the NetZero pledge

To determine the amount of carbon offsets required for you to go NetZero, you can use average U.S. carbon emission levels, or you can estimate your carbon footprint more precisely with our calculator.

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