About NetZero

NetZero aims to contribute to the battle against climate change by educating individuals about how they can reduce their own emissions, enabling them to become carbon neutral through supporting carbon offsets, and building a movement that promotes the importance of individuals, businesses, and governments becoming net-zero emitters.

NetZero is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. Our Tax ID is 84-3583947.

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Our Board

Isaac Shapiro

Isaac founded and manages Net Zero. Isaac was the founding director of the International Budget Partnership and a senior adviser to the Save Darfur Coalition. 

He was a senior fellow at the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities; researched the impact of environment regulations on the economy at the Economic Policy Institute; and worked for Robert Reich when he was Secretary of Labor. 

Robert Wolcott

Robert held a variety of positions at EPA over several decades, including Deputy Assistant Administrator for Policy (1995 and 2000). 

He currently chairs the Environmental Protection Network, launched in January 2017 to harness the expertise of former EPA career staff and confirmation-level appointees from multiple administrations to continue to protect the environment. 

He is a consulting economist focusing on the intersection between the environment and the economy.

Warren Krafchik

Warren is a widely-recognized international NGO leader who was the Executive Director of the International Budget Partnership for nearly two decades. 

He is the founder and steering committee member of the Global Initiative for Fiscal Transparency and was a founding Co-Chair of the Open Government Partnership.

Krafchik also worked for the Institute for Democracy in South Africa, where he founded the Budget Information Service, a pioneering civil society budget-monitoring organization. 

Key Personnel

Angela Betancourt– Director

Angela Betancourt is a communications and business professional with over 12 years of industry and non-profit experience. She has worked on four continents, including two years working in Sierra Leone, organizing its first renewable energy conference to spur economic development. Angela holds a Masters degree in Global Strategic Communications and a Bachelors degree in Public Relations. She was a 2018 Summer Fellow for the prestigious Georgetown University-Santander Bank Partnership on Social Economy. Angela is also a proud member of the United States Air Force Reserve.

Dave Rubenstein– Strategic Advisor

Dave has been the founding director of four non-profit organizations, including the Save Darfur Coalition.

Carbon Offset Advisory Council

To help Net Zero address all carbon offset questions in a nuanced and sensible fashion, we rely on an advisory council. 

The council is composed of seasoned leaders with a diverse range of expertise on renewable energy, forestry issues, and the voluntary carbon offset market. 

Council members participate on their own behalf, and not as representatives of their own organizations. 

The council members are: 

  • Kim Fiske, Chair of the Board of Directors ⁠— OneEnergy Inc.
  • Kelley Hamrick, Policy Advisor ⁠— The Nature Conservancy
  • Matthew Perl, Network Development ⁠— World Wildlife Fund
  • Barrett Stambler, Partner ⁠— Creative Renewable Solutions

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